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Welcome to LOSCAM - Your Pooling Solutions Partner

LOSCAM provides returnable packaging solutions and equipment used to store and move products through supply chains. We have built our reputation by providing outstanding customer service, innovative products and tailored solutions to our customers.

LOSCAM is focused on delivering high quality, efficient and environmentally sustainable solutions which has led to a position of leadership in the manufacturing and retail sectors. This leadership is underpinned by a dedicated team of employees continuously striving to delight our customers through systems and processes that ensure ultimate control of our equipment pools.

Our unique pooling system enables trading partners to share LOSCAM equipment through the supply chain enabling conversion of fixed costs to variable costs and promoting sustainability through sharing of pallets, intermediate bulk containers, produce bins and Retail Ready Packaging. Our network of service depots are strategically located throughout Asia Pacific to ensure availability of our products when and where you need them.

“Loscam will be the partner of choice for Pooling Solutions in the Asia Pacific marketplace. We will deliver high standards of quality, service and reliability in an environment that fosters safety, innovation and a sustainable environment."

Loscam - Your Pooling Solutions Partner.  




Important Announcements

Dear Valued Customer,
Please be advised that over the Easter break, the Loscam Online website won’t be available from 6am Friday 18th of April to 12pm Sunday 20th April.
Should you have any queries, please contact us
- In Australia call CS on 1300 309 930
- In SE Asia please contact our respective country offices by clicking here
We do apologise in advance for any inconvenience.
Thank you
Kind Regards,

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