Operating Entity

Founded in 1942, Loscam is the partner of choice for leading retail, food, beverage and grocery manufacturers in Australia.
Loscam initially had a diverse business base operating timber mills as well as providing forklifts and other rental equipment
after the second world war. In the mid 1950’s pallet rental began to dominate and now Loscam manages over 18million pallet
movements each year. Loscam has continued to evolve to meet its customers needs and now offers complimentary products
to its pallet pool including plastic pallets, IBC’s, GPaks, retail ready merchandising units and much more.

Loscam operates six repair centres and over thirty depots across metropolitan and regional Australia, ensuring our customers
have pallets where and when they need them. In December 2012 Loscam opened its state of the art repair centre in western
Melbourne ensuring Loscam pallets continue to be regarded as the best quality in the market.

Loscam continues to expand its product and solution offering, working with our customers in their factory, distribution centre
and retail environments to develop innovative ways to move products efficiently and carefully. Our solutions include;

  • Wooden Pallets - Lightest and strongest pallet on the market saving our customers freight costs and improving OH&S
  • Plastic Pallets - Ideal for enhanced hygiene and clean room conditions
  • IBC’s - Unique integrated lid and light weight unit improves utility without compromising strength
  • GPaks - Robust and highly secure pallet boxes for high value and difficult to cube freight
  • Retail Ready Merchandising Units - From RPC’s to bins and display pallets, our retail solutions save time and money
  • Produce Bins - Provide farm to pack shed solutions for rural industries

Our customers consistently rank our level of service ahead of our competitors. We achieve this be placing our service teams in
the field closer to our customers, with only non customer facing functions centralised.

We continue to invest in our pallet management systems, Loscam Online and Loscam Hire Management System, to ensure our
customers can not only track the flow of equipment but also can quickly and simply reconcile their accounts and ensure
optimum control. 

Level 1/37-41 Prospect StreetP:+613 9843 3700
PO Box 605F:+613 9843 3701
Box Hill VIC 3128Cust Svc: 1300 30 99 30

Holding Companies

China Merchants Loscam Holdings Australia Pty Ltd.
(Incorporated in Australia with limited liability.)

China Merchants Loscam Australia Pty Ltd.
(Incorporated in Australia with limited liability.)