Markets & Sectors

Our range of pallets, G-Paks and plastic bins enable a wide range of industries to participate in equipment pooling to share the value of standardisation. The benefits of Loscam’s equipment pooling system are that a wide range of industry participants can share a standard piece of equipment. Loscam however is also focussed on providing tailored industry solutions where the benefits of standardisation can deliver value across the supply chain.


As leading retailers continue to invest in more and more sophisticated distribution centres and materials handling technology so to must we continue to ensure the utmost in quality for our Loscam products.

Our HMS equipment control system manages millions of equipment transfers each year between retailers and their suppliers helping to maximise the utilisation of the shared pallet pool, delivering savings for all participants.

Loscam continues to invest in research and development for the retail sector exploring new products and methods for minimising the handling cost of products from factory to shelf. We continue to work closely with both retailers and manufacturers through our involvement in GS1 and ECR organisations throughout the region to ensure the relevance and continuous enhancement of our service and product offering.

Consumer Products

Loscam serves some of the most highly regarded and best known global and local brands in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, household and personal care sectors. These sectors demand high quality, highly specified and readily available pallets and related equipment.

The high velocity of these supply chains also requires sophisticated yet easy to use equipment control systems to ensure transactions between trading partners are accurate and available real time. Close relationships with our customers and nimble customer service and operations ensures Loscam remains the service leader in this important sector.


Loscam has built a leadership position in this sector through innovation and delivery of an integrated industry wide pooling solution. Our project management capability combined with the sectors major players willingness to improve standardisation and quality has led to a Win-Win outcome for suppliers and retailers alike.


The sophisticated supply chains of this demanding sector and the continuous need for cost improvements provided Loscam the opportunity to deliver a range of innovative materials handling solutions.

Our various sized Gpaks were developed to provide the ultimate in product security and integrity whilst ensuring maximum cube utilisation in most forms of transport. We continue to invest in the sector with the release of our new compact Gpak catering for smaller order volumes to compliment the existing Gpak range.

Horticulture, Viticulture & Agriculture

Loscam has developed specialised produce bins to provide flexibility to growers who can utilise hire equipment during harvest seasons reducing their need to tie up redundant capital during the full year. Loscam bins provide a robust, durable solution that enables our food producers to flex their assets and costs when and where they need to.


Loscam has developed a range of equipment solutions for major corporations within this demanding sector. From double strength and double faced pallets to oversized specialised pallets catering for inline pallet feed systems our equipment design team continues to deliver value through needs driven products.