In order to meet the growing need for Loscam's superior equipment pooling and management services, Loscam entered
New Zealand in 2011, the first new market entry for Loscam since the pallet business was acquired by Hong-Kong based
China Merchants Group in July 2010.


12 Chonny Crescent, Manurewa, Auckland 
P: 0800 LOSCAM (567226)

Loscam also operates from 17 depots across New Zealand offering a true national platform the New Zealand's grocery,
consumer and produce sectors.

Loscam has developed a new "AdvaNZ" pallet specifically for the New Zealand market. The true 4-way entry pallet has 
been designed to reduce the risks of pallets tilting, also enabling Loscam's customers to safely load vehicles using the 1m
face providing improvements in truck utilization of up to 20%.

For pallet enquiries please contact Nick Trask +6421 756 339


In August 2015, the debut Loscam Fresh Flagship Depot was opened in Penrose, Auckland, for our fresh produce crate supply
business. The depot is located within 3km of all major produce markets and has Loscam’s first Australian and New Zealand crate
wash facility. 

830 Great South Rd, Penrose  Auckland    
(enter via Holloway Place)                              
PO Box 112240, Penrose, Auckland 1642
New Zealand
P: +64 9 525 0209   
E: / 

Loscam Fresh offers customers a range of innovative bins, pallet cages and dollies that are part of their One-Touch/Retail Ready
Packaging solutions. 

The Loscam Active Lock produce crate was introduced into the New Zealand market in 2014 to provide growers, markets 
and retailer choice in access to the latest technology. The Loscam crate is stable under load and its ergonomic collapsing 
mechanism enhances workplace safety.

For produce crate enquiries please contact Hans Wouters +6421 878 248