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Loscam is helping to modernise retail and manufacturing supply chains by promoting the use of a common pallet platform and other returnable equipment to minimise the handling of products as they move through the supply chain. Loscam is working with both multinational and local companies to implement and manage pallet pools throughout Australia and Asia and is firmly established as the pallet supplier of choice in Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Hong Kong and mainland China. 

Loscam has developed a suite of services to meet the needs of its diverse range of customers including:

  • pallet pooling systems enabling transfer of products on pallets between trading partners
  • online and system controlled pools ensuring maximum transparency and control of pallets
  • static hire and buyback services for companies wanting to switch from owned to rented pallets
  • modern service depots ensuring ready supply of quality products and services.
Loscam pallet pools lead to increased efficiency, reduced product damage and faster cycle times and are helping to address rising supply chain and labour costs and the need for increased velocity of products from factory to consumer. Loscam actively promotes cross border trade through its network of strategically located service depots supporting our customers who aim to rationalise production facilities and take advantage of the growing success of free trade agreements.


Pallet Pooling

Pallet Pooling
Loscam pallet pools lead to increased efficiency, reduced product damage and faster cycle times and are helping to address rising supply chain and labour costs and the need for increased velocity of products from factory to consum

Service Depots

Services Depots
Loscam's strategically located service depots use automated repair equipment to ensure our products are readily available and of the highest quality.

Loscam Online

Loscam Online is a secure Extranet application that allows Loscam to share data with its customers. The system includes transactions, account balances and customer documents and provides simple 24/7 access to account informat

Hire Management System

Hire Management System (HMS) is an important function for the creation and storing of data and documentation for all unit movements and is an innovation developed by LOSCAM Limited for use by Loscam clients exclusively.

Customer Service

Customer Services
Our Customer Service Team is locally based, in each LOSCAM State Office, to offer you attentive, responsive assistance, information and advice whenever you require it

Australia Documents

Australian Documents
Australia documents