RPCs & Produce Bins

The flexibility of the Loscam RPCs and Produce Bin can help add profits to your business.


Produce Bin - Australia

The Loscam produce bin is lightweight and designed to suit the Australia standard for produce packing sheds, bin tipping equipment and for maximising cubic utilisation of transportation. It is of hygienic food grade quality and easy to clean and has been designed to ensure compliance with OH&S requirements with handholds for ease of lifting when empty.

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The Loscam RPCs (Returnable Plastic Crates) are foldable and stackable to maximise transportation and in-store display space. Robust construction ensures products are well protected. The RPCs are easy to clean and resistant to moisture, insects and fungi. The long lasting crates are impervious to acids, fats, solvents and odors.

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The NZ RPCs have been specially designed for the New Zealand market. With three sizes available, the crates are ideal for storing, moving and displaying fresh produce direct to retail floor. They are foldable and stackable to maximise truck and store space. The long lasting crates replace traditional packing thus provide great cost saving over disposal materials.

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NZ Full Bin

The NZ foldable bin has been designed as a freight consolidation unit for retail, produce and food manufacturing for ingredients in New Zealand market. The bin is the most user friendly bin in the market with the higest airflow. Ideal for storing and transporting fragile fresh ingredients, the bin is extremely cost-effective due to its 3 to 1 return ratio.

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NZ Half Bin

The NZ Half Bins are ideal for transport, storage and as an attractive in-store display. This 4-side open bin enables easy access to products. Its robust construction ensures products are well proteded against brusing or breakage. The bins are foldable, nestable and stackable which maximise the efficiency of tranport and store space.

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