Loscam Online

Loscam Online is an Internet portal system, developed exclusively for Loscam Customers for effective tracking and reconciliation of all Loscam Hire Equipment movements.

Loscam Online is managed by a nominated administrator and can accommodate multiple users with varying security access levels and password protection. 

Training and support is provided by the Loscam Customer Service team.

Overview of benefits

  • Equipment Management 
    • Generate transfers
    • Correct transfers
    • Submit Issue and Dehire authorisations
  • Automated Reconciliation
    • Automated reconcilition of transfers processed by Loscam, against transfers keyed by Loscam Online users
    • On screen reconciliation providing details of unreconciled transfers.
  • Account Information
    • Transactional history
    • Docket search
    • Error docet listing - managing of transactions in error
    • Download statements and invoices
    • Product and invoice balances updated daily
  • Advanced Reporting
    • Graphical Drilldown - 12month transactional analysis
    • Transaction reports
    • Reconciliation reports
    • Option to export all reports in Excel

In our continues effort to make Loscam account management more convenient for our customers, Loscam is launching an upgrade of the Loscam Online program.