Loscam Online

Loscam Online is a simple to use internet-based service that allows our customers to process transfers and IOUs, and view, retrieve and analyse data relating to their Loscam accounts online as and where they require. 

Through Loscam Online customers will have secure access via a used ID and password and are able to view their current and historic transactions relating to their accounts including scanned images of their ECD dockets where a manual transfer process is still being used.
Customer invoices and statements are available online and may be printed or saved for later reference.  Invoices may also be downloaded to an Excel spreadsheet to allow further analysis.
Account information is provided in a graphical format allowing customers to quickly see account details and trends.  This information includes a 12-month rolling analysis of equipment movements.  All transactions onto and from accounts are displayed with details of hire charges applied.
Balances of equipment and outstanding debtor payments provide customers with timely account information. Online processing of transfer transactions is also available to allow customers to process movements off their accounts via Loscam Online.
The system enables online ordering of Loscam hire equipment, allowing customers to advise Loscam of all equipment orders via an email notification direct to the appropriate depot.
Customers also have access to a comprehensive IOU system to help them manage their internal exchange movements. This system allows customers to track their IOU transactions at both the transporter and customer level.
This system can be viewed in English, Thai and Simplified Chinese.
Overview of Benefits:
  • Simple to use with minimal configuration required
  • No installation required as it is accessible directly via the internet, 24/7
  • Eliminates the need for manual ECD docket books
  • Online Transfer Processing with barcoded docket printed real time for movement with pallets
  • Minimises potential errors and processing delays associated with the current manual transfer pooling processes
  • Comprehensive IOU System that can be used by customers to manage their pallet movements in non transfer pooling environments
  • Online ordering of Loscam equipment and online notification of Dehires
  • Product and Dollar balances of accounts updated daily with 12 month graphical analysis 


In our continues effort to make Loscam account management more convenient for our customers, Loscam is launching an upgrade of the Loscam Online program.