At Loscam we believe that efficient use of natural resources can provide a competitive advantage. The pursuit of energy efficient strategies has been part and parcel of keeping operating costs to a minimum so that we can offer the most competitive pricing in the market.

 Our Loscam Environmental Sustainability Strategy “LESS” aims to drive real benefits through reducing waste, reducing our landfill impact, promoting recycling of pallet components, installing more energy efficient repair equipment and increasing local sourcing to minimise freight usage.

 Energy efficient compressors, natural lighting in depots, recycling of pallet boards are just some of the things we do to ensure we minimise our contribution to green house gas emissions. In fact by actively promoting and establishing shared pallet pools Loscam is significantly reducing waste and resources by promoting a common platform amongst companies.

 Loscam ensures it complies with the environmental laws and regulations of each region we operate in. Loscam is committed to contributing to the fight against climate change not only in our service depot operations and supply chain but also in the wider area of product design and use.

 Environment factors are at the top of the agenda for Loscam as they can deliver real benefits and impact positively on our employees, and communities and the business as a whole.