Our Principles

Loscam aims to deliver a rigorous, consistent, and internationally coordinated strategy that delivers value for our customers, employees and shareholders.


Our Vision

Loscam will be the partner of choice for Pooling Solutions in the Asia Pacific marketplace. We will deliver high standards of quality, service and reliability in an environment that fosters safety, innovation and a sustainable environment.


Our Principles

To support Loscam’s continued growth and development, the business has solidified the key Principles that underpin its day-to-day operations.

Loscam has worked with a wide range of people within the business to identify what values or principles Loscam stands for – and what those principles should be in the future. Many months of detailed, rigorous and honest debate and planning have taken place throughout the business to encapsulate the Principles and values that truly represent and communicate what Loscam stands for.

"It was important in determining these values that they represented both where we came from, where we are today, and where we need to be for the future," says Mark Daniel, Loscam CEO.

The Principles are:

Loyalty – we are committed to achieving the best long-term outcomes for our customers, our people and our shareholders,

Trust – we rely on each person’s strength of character, integrity and ability,

Teamwork – we work together with a shared vision and goals, learning from each other,

Communication – our communication is clear, specific and simple,

Solutions – we identify and provide good ideas that deliver results.


Understanding Who We Are

Our Principles represent what Loscam stands for and guide our actions on a daily basis.

We work in a safe, trusting and challenging work environment. We commit to achieving our results through teamwork and innovation. We place great importance on quality communication at all levels.

We are committed to our customers. We focus on delivering quality and innovative pooling solutions. We value our customers and business partners. We deliver our services with honesty and integrity. Communication must at all times be reliable and timely.