We conduct our business with highest regard for the health and safety of our employees, contractors and neighbouring communities. Loscam is committed to maintaining a safe workplace at all locations in which it operates.

 Loscam employs health and safety experts to continuously monitor and improve health and safety standards through regular risk assessments, audits and training. We have recently launched the “Red Quarterly” to advise employees on OH&S initiatives within the company and to regularly reinforce the importance of compliance by all employees.

 We are constantly upgrading our service depots and repair equipment and the recent introduction of the Destacker Repair Line has dramatically improved safety, reduced noise and risk of injury and is more energy efficient and productive as well.

 As we operate in a diverse range of regions, individual business units comply with appropriate legislation in their regions or in accordance with our own higher standards, as applicable. Loscam's health and safety policies are kept constantly under review and updated as our businesses develop.