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New Depot Strengthens Loscam Malaysia Competitive Edge


Loscam Malaysia’s new central depot in Shah Alam was officially opened on 26 April 2018. Strategically located in one of the most advance industrial estate in the country, the depot is well positioned to further advance Loscam Malaysia’s objective of increasing equipment  management and pooling capacity in the growing Malaysia market.

The new depot occupies an area up to 200,000 square feet with storage capacity in excess of 100,000 pallets. More than 30 repair lines facilitate the handling and repairs of daily throughputs with excess scalable capacity. The depot also provides covered loading and unloading zones for trucks as well as one way flow traffic flow management for ease of movements.  

Another important feature of the new depot is the continued incorporation of Loscam’s safety and environmental protection systems. New ventilation systems have also been installed to enhance the smoother flow of air inside the depot, and as a first for the SE Asia region a rain water harvesting system which promotes the recycling of a precious natural resource.

Kenny Tan, Executive Vice President of Loscam South East Asia in his opening address stated, “The key important aspects around safety, productivity and efficiency are what we target in this new design, with the underlying objective of improving work place health and safety, and enhancing the quality of products and service we bring to our customers and the market.”

Sirin Limpaitoon, President of Loscam made his officiating speech by stressing the team’s effort and the group’s focus on safety. “Congratulations to the Malaysian team for reaching another milestones. Our business continues to grow in strength. We remain committed to invest in our infrastructure and capabilities to serve our growing customer base. While we continue to deliver quality products more efficiently to our customers, it is also extremely important to ensure we provide a better and safer working environment to our people.” 

Ribbon Cutting and the Lion Dance ceremony

Depot exterior

About Loscam

China Merchants Loscam is a trusted name of providing pooling and returnable packaging solutions for use in supply chains. Operating in 12 regions throughout the Asia Pacific, Loscam is focused on delivering high-quality, innovative and environmentally sustainable solutions and fit-for-purpose systems and procedures to the local markets. This dedication has led Loscam to holding a leading market position in various sectors including manufacturing retail supply chains.

Established in 1942, Loscam operates in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

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