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LOSCAM Sponsors Inaugural MEGATRANS 2018 Melbourne


LOSCAM sponsored the inaugural MEGATRANS 2018 exhibition, held in Melbourne during May 12-14. Supported by the Victorian State Government, Australian Logistics Council, Port of Melbourne and the Victorian Transport Association, MEGATRANS showcased the forefront of innovation and collaboration across the logistics, warehousing, infrastructure and transport sectors.

LOSCAM returnable packaging solutions, including IBC’s I6 & I8, Foldable Bin LB750 and Heater Mat, were among the solutions showcased. LOSCAM Customer teams performed product demonstrations to illustrate each product’s functionality and to facilitate discussions on the product designs, features and benefits.

Along with demonstration sessions on Loscam product solutions, LOSCAM supported the inaugural event with a pop up Pallet Café, which encouraged networking between Australian and international supply chain industry partners and Customers to survey the end to end effective flow of goods, services and related information.

Michael Winter, LOSCAM Australia Customer Solutions Manager, said, “We welcomed the opportunity to demonstrate LOSCAM’s complete returnable packaging solutions. Our networking lounge provided an engaging environment for our team to promote the benefits of pooling equipment through various applications in supply chain.”

Over the three days, 9,604 visitors attended the MEGATRANS 2018 Expo.


LOSCAM Café & Bar

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About Loscam

China Merchants Loscam is a trusted name of providing pooling and returnable packaging solutions for use in supply chains. Operating in 12 regions throughout the Asia Pacific, LOSCAM is focused on delivering high-quality, innovative and environmentally sustainable solutions and fit-for-purpose systems and procedures to the local markets. This dedication has led LOSCAM to holding a leading market position in various sectors including manufacturing retail supply chains.

Established in 1942, LOSCAM operates in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

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