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To meet the growing need for Loscam’s superior equipment pooling and management services, Loscam entered New Zealand in 2011, the first new market for Loscam since the pallet business was acquired by Hong Kong-based China Merchants Group in July 2010. Loscam now operates from 17 depots across New Zealand, offering a truly national platform for the country’s grocery, consumer and produce sectors.

Loscam has developed the new AdvaNZ pallet specifically for the New Zealand market. The true four-way-entry pallet has been designed to reduce the risks of pallets tilting and enables Loscam customers to safely load vehicles using the 1m face, providing improvements in truck utilisation of up to 20%.

For pallet inquiries, please contact Nick Trask on +64 21 756 339 or at nick.trask@loscam.com.

Our Business

Loscam is helping to modernise retail and manufacturing supply chains by promoting the use of a common pooling platform and returnable equipment to minimise the handling of products as they move through the logistic flow.

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New Zealand   
12 Chonny Crescent, Manurewa, Auckland 2102
Ph: 64 9 269 0566
Fresh (New Zealand)
830 Great South Road (via Holloway PI), Penrose, Auckland, New Zealand
Ph: 64 9 525 0209 / 64 02 187 8248
NZ Customer Service
0800 LoscaM (567226)

At Loscam, we value our staff and continually strive to develop our talents. Visit Loscam is Hiring to find out our latest vacancies.

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