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Customer Services

Our Customer Service Teams are locally based in each Loscam state or country office to offer attentive and responsive assistance and information. Our trained teams are knowledgeable about Loscam’s extensive product range and our management systems for pallet-tracking, accounting, and accounts reconciliation.

We maintain close communication with customers on pallet control and management and share our experience and recommendations in pallet management to offer maximum value.

Loscam's Customer Service teams conduct on-site training for new customers on proper pallet use and pallet maintenance, including warehouse environments, pallet-handling procedures, and optimisation of pallet usage.

  • We are committed to our customers
  • We focus on delivering quality and innovative pooling solutions
  • We value our customers and business partners
  • We deliver our services with honesty and integrity
  • Communication must be conducted in a reliable and timely manner

Service Depots

Loscam continues to invest in its strategically located network of service depots to ensure our customers a reliable source of quality pallets and other returnable equipment wherever and whenever they need them. Automated repair lines within each service depot ensure consistent quality of Loscam products. Our demand-planning systems enable us to anticipate market demands and guarantee availability, especially during seasonal peak periods.

All our service depots are equipped with the latest in energy-saving devices and act as recycling centres, ensuring we reuse and recycle product components during the repair process. All unusable waste is recycled to minimise the impact on landfills.


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