Work Safety

We conduct our business with the highest industry standard for the health and safety of our employees, contractors and community. Loscam is committed to maintaining a safe workplace at all the locations where it operates.

Loscam has engaged health and safety professionals to continuously monitor and improve health and safety standards through regular risk assessments, audits, and training. We launched the "Mission Zero" Safety Campaign to guide employees on occupational health and safety initiatives and to regularly reinforce the importance of compliance by all employees.

We are constantly upgrading our service depots and machineries. Our introduction of the semi-automatic pallet repair line has dramatically improved safety, reduced risks of injury and streamline operations while at the same time being more energy-efficient and productive.

As we operate in multiple geographic locations, individual business units comply with all local regulatory requirements as well as to our internal demanding standards. Loscam's health and safety policies are constantly reviewed and updated in line with changes in the business environment and global development.

Learn more about our role and commitment about Operational Health and Safety for our employees:
Health and Safety Policy Statement