Values & Vision

  • Philosophy

    Our values and Principles define who we are and how we work at Loscam. They are the foundations for our decisions, our relationships with our customers and the community. In doing so, we act responsibly towards our employees, business partners and the community.

  • Vision

    Loscam pledges to drive standardisation and environmental sustainability for the logistics industry and to become the most trusted partner for pooling solutions in the Asia-Pacific marketplace.

  • Mission

    Loscam strives to deliver high-quality, efficient, innovative and environmentally sustainable returnable packaging solutions and services for use in supply chains. By offering a consistent, meticulous and internationally coordinated strategy, we deliver value for our customers, employees and shareholders.

5 Principles

Our Five Principles are interrelated.

We embrace and transform them into actions and incorporate them into our culture.

By breathing and practising these values, each individual effort would culminate collectively in One Loscam.

Our team's commitment to uphold these principles and values is the essence of Loscam's success.

Passion & Commitment

We Work with Heart and Enthusiasm.

We believe, trust, and remain loyal to what we do and the team we work with. We uphold integrity and honesty.

Passion motivates us, the people around us and the environment surround us. We foster constructive discussions and cooperate for consensus. We are positive in any circumstances. Quitting is considered as one of the impossibilities.

We work hard and strive to be proactive, flexible and open-minded. We embrace challenges as opportunities. We keep our promises and strive to achieve.

We work with the commitment to benefit our customers, our communities, and our company.

We love and we care.


We Place Attention & Energy in the Things that Matter.

We define and set clear objectives and expectations. We filter out distractions that divert us; cut away irrelevant items that hinder us; trim those that derail us; draw resources into those that add values.

We are responsible for our actions and remain aware of our environment. We don't rush decisions, but act with speed after thorough analysis.

We create a vision for our future and work hard to make this our reality.


We Never Stop Until Mission Completed

We strive to deliver our responsibilities and goals despite the inevitable challenges presented. We see these same challenges as sources of opportunity for innovation and learning. Perseverance helps us see through problems, explores new possibilities, overcomes challenges, makes us stronger and takes us to a brand new horizon.

Our positive, can-do attitude ensures we remain motivated to succeed and never contemplate quitting. We are not satisfied with average and remain committed to the search and delivery of best practice.

Customer Centric

We Engage, Listen and Act

We respect, engage and listen. We keep our word and deliver what is promised. Honesty, trust and reliability have been our characteristics that foster our long term relationship with customers.

We don't assume the customers' needs, we respect, engage and listen. We don't guess what they want, we communicate. We offer what the customers value and see as important and deliver the extra benefits they haven't expected.

Result Oriented

We Assess Our Success Fairly & Objectively by Outcomes

A result orientated mindset leads us to search for the best and most innovative approaches. We encourage flexibility over rigidity; changes over routine; simplification over complexity; proactive than passive; positive than negative; motivation than discouragement. We are looking for goal attainment, improvement and enhancement.

Our clearly written goals and plans facilitate a fair evaluation system to measure our achievement against. We take ownership of tasks, accountable for our decisions and reward those that create value.

We are judged by our outcomes.

Passion & Commitment
Customer Centric
Result Oriented