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At Loscam, we believe efficient use of natural resources is paramount towards sustainability. The pursuit of energy-efficient strategies has been part of our drive to keep energy use to a minimum translating to lower carbon footprint emission and positive long term costs efficiencies.

Loscam Environmental Sustainability Strategy (LESS)

Reducing waste landfill impact, promoting recycling pallet components, installing energy efficient repair equipment and increasing local sourcing to minimise freight usage.

Environmental Compliance

Loscam complies with the environmental laws and regulations of each country we operate in. Loscam contributes to the fight against climate change from our service depot operations and supply chain, to the product design and use.

Industry Promotion

Loscam actively promotes and establish shared pallet pools to significantly reduce waste and resources through promoting a common platform amongst companies.

Longer Product Lifespan

Through continuous repair and maintenance, we have improved the lifespan of the Loscam wooden pallets and greatly reducing consumption of raw wood.

Environmental Initiatives
  • Drive sustainability within operations
  • 99% of timber waste is reused or recycled for various purposes, such as mulch and arts
  • 10% of timber used in our repair processes come from reclaimed pallet boards
  • 97% of Loscam's timber comes from certified sustainable forests*
  • Improving design, equipment and processes. Our repair centres continuously reduce energy consumption, including:
    o 100% use of water based paints
    o Utilise natural light in depots through laser-light roof sheeting installation
    o Installed smart lighting systems
    o Upgrading of repair equipment to ensure optimum use of electricity

*For ANZ