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Loscam Board of Director Mr. Derek Wang (3rd from the right) accompanied by CEO, Sirin Limpaitoon (4th from the right) and EVP for SEA, Kenny Tan (2nd from the right), and the SEA Regional team members made a site visit to Wang Noi Super Depot in Thailand

On 25th April 2023, one of our Loscam Board of Directors, Mr. Derek Wang, Senior Managing Director of Trustar Capital (formerly known as CITIC Capital Partners), made a site visit to Wang Noi Super Depot located in Ayutthaya, Thailand. He was accompanied by Loscam Group CEO, Sirin Limpaitoon and EVP for SEA, Kenny Tan, and given a tour and briefing of the depot operations by Loscam Thailand GM, Somsak Nattakrannuwat and Head of Regional Operations for SE Asia, Kusol Kiatsommart. The Loscam team also presented key insights of the Thailand business, outlining its performance management, market information and environment, and forward-looking assessments. 

As part of the tour, Mr. Wang witnessed the live operations in Loscam SEA’s largest 24/7 depot, equipped with semi-automatic pallet repair lines and manages the highest throughput amongst our depots in Thailand. The team walked through the unloading, sorting, repair, painting and related operational process, Mr.Wang showed a great interest in understanding the value that Loscam brings to the supply chain.

Somsak shared, “Loscam Thailand started operations with less than 10 employees and has since grown to over 500 team members today, along the way establishing itself as the leading pooling solutions provider in Thailand.”

Sustainability has long been a priority for businesses in supply chain, and reusable logistic packaging has played a major part towards such initiative. Sustainable packaging isn’t only about using recycled material or less packaging but also optimization of equipment flow and efficiencies in the supply chain to achieve minimal environment wastage impact.

Somsak added, “We continue to see growth in pooling and will expand our service offering and network in Thailand. We are also in the process of expanding our product offering and bringing more innovation to further enhance and deliver quality service to our customers. Working together with our valued customers and partners, we are confident the industry will achieve supply chains that are more resilient and sustainable in the future.” 

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Somsak Nattakrannuwat, General Manager for Thailand (middle) welcomed Mr. Wang (Left) with local cultural tradition flower garlands at Thailand Wang Noi Super Depot

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(L-R) Mr. Wang, Kenny Tan, Sirin Limpaitoon, and the SE Asia Regional team leaders in the meeting

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The team walked through the repair lines at Thailand super depot, the largest 24/7 operation depot of Loscam SEA