Loscam Cross Border Plastic Pallet

Xpp 3

Seamless cross border flow of goods by optimizing cross-border logistics

In response to the growing demand for cross border pallet pooling solutions, Loscam is delighted to introduce our latest product in the Thailand market. The XPP-E1 Cross Border Plastic Pallet is now available to expand our product and service proposition.

The XPP-E1 is made from Recycled Polypropylene, and its characteristics include lightweight, highly resistant to staining, low moisture absorption rate as well as being more robust and durable than standard one-way export shipment pallets. With its 4-way entry design, it provides flexibility of application for forklifts and handlifts.  

“Our team continues to develop new products to meet the market’s needs for cross-border logistics packaging.” Somsak Nattakrannuwat, General Manager of Loscam Thailand added, “with the launch of XPP-E1, we strive to help our customers better manage their cross-border logistics movements and provide cost-effective and sustainable logistic packaging solutions. The new XPP-E1 has many applications, not only in food and beverage, but also electrical and electronics, healthcare, retail, and in general any sector that have export operations.” 

Know more about XPP-E1: https://www.loscam.com/en/products/loscam-cross-border-plastic-pallet-sea