LF LOSCAM, all about complication to Simplicity

As a subsidiary under the wing of Li Fung Company, LF Logistics' (LF) network covers Greater China, ASEAN, Japan, Korea, the Middle East, and the Indian subcontinent. Partnering with 400 renowned global businesses, the daily throughput is 100 million units plus. LFL reached out to Loscam for solution assistance 13 years ago and it's been a successful partnership ever since.

Chua Lian Teck, General Manager of Transport for LFL, explains that when considering potential logistics partners, the first thing that pops into the mind of LF management is the scale and capacity to grow, strong local execution know-how, flexibility, innovation and forward thinking. In managing such a massive LFL network, Mr Chua explained that the secret to such smooth operation is found in one word:

“As an Operation Centric Organization, our primary value is 'INSPIRE'”, which stands for innovation, nimbleness, Simplicity, Productivity, Initiative, Reliability and Engagement…”

LFL had acclaimed Loscam's valuable contribution to the group's growth. “Loscam is a valued-added and customer focused business partner. It offers innovations targeted to our needs and offers cost effective solutions which fit our operation, while at the same time working within our financial requirements.”

Look to Thailand for a perfect example of Loscam & LFL excellence.

The Sales & Customer Service Manager of Loscam Thailand, Somyot Thongthangyai, shared with us the challenges his team faced in meeting the needs of this very special customer.

“Since LFL have many customers in many industries with many varying requirements, plus their habitual logistic practices to manage pallets over their vast network, there have been challenges for the services demanded and analysis on pallet usage by location.” Somyot explained. He added that success in addressing these challenges over the last 13 years was thanks to two main resolutions:

“First, we work closely with the LFL management team in all locations, so we can offer the fastest possible response. Second, we're committed to constantly brainstorming new innovations to enhance LFL efficiencies, such as recent successes like the Pallet Cages.”

With a Key Account Manager now specifically assigned to service the LFL operation, Loscam Thailand is set to continue to contribute to the group's growth and ensure great success in any challenges the future holds.