In the past two years, Australian manufacturer, TrendPac, has shifted its entire pallet requirements to Loscam. The company packages and produces personal care products, household cleaning products, pet care, car care and industrial cleaning products at a facility north of Sydney on the Central Coast of NSW.

TrendPac relies on two of Loscam's core products – the standard pallet and the D pallet – to transport mostly household cleaning and personal care products to retailers, including ALDI.

“We moved over to Loscam completely for a number of reasons and price wasn't the only factor,” says Mr Steven Hyde, TrendPac Managing Director. “The quality of pallets are better and we get them in a better state of repair and so can use them for customers who want their stock on good quality pallets. Staff also tell me that the D pallet is sturdier and better quality. Pallets go into retailers' warehouses and now there is a lot of automation on site, so the quality of pallets is an important consideration for us.”

Mr Hyde says Loscam's attention to detail and customer service standards have also impressed TrendPac. “Loscam helps us manage our pallets and they proactively make sure we have the right processes in place so we don't lose pallets, which can be costly,” he adds.