Loscam Contributes to FareShare Derrimut Food Processing Kitchen

Daniel Bunnett (L1), Executive Vice President for Australia, and the Loscam Australia volunteer team at FunShare Kitchen

On November 17, 2023 – Our Executive Vice President for Australia, Daniel Bunnett, led a small team of Loscam ANZ volunteers to put in a great effort in improving the food processing kitchen at FareShare Derrimut. This initiative showcases Loscam's dedication to supporting the local community and addressing food insecurity.

FareShare is a remarkable non-profit organization that aims to tackle the issue of hunger by rescuing surplus food and turning it into nutritious meals for those in need. The Derrimut food processing kitchen, located in Melbourne, plays a crucial role in processing and preparing these meals, which are then distributed to various charities and community organizations.

The team demonstrated exceptional dedication and enthusiasm as they carried out various tasks, including smashing chopping, and prepping vegies, including sweet potatoes, carrots, and celery. On the day, they managed a total of 421kgs of veggies! Their efforts contributed to the production of a substantial number of meals, helping FareShare in its mission to provide nutritious food to the vulnerable members of the community.

The team’s involvement with FareShare exemplifies Loscam’s dedication to creating sustainable and inclusive communities. By rescuing surplus food and repurposing it into nutritious meals, they minimize food waste and contribute to environmental sustainability. This aligns with Loscam's vision of a more sustainable and our ongoing commitment to making a positive difference in the communities where Loscam operates.

By joining hands with non-profit organizations like FareShare, we believe we can create a brighter future for our communities and foster a culture of giving back.

Loscam Australia Team Charity Work

Loscam Australia team helping FareShare in their mission to provide nutritious food to the vulnerable members of the community.