Cross Border

Our Cross-border pooling service saves customers’ time and money by offering pallet-on and pallet-off freight logistic management across a national network, including Greater China, SEA, and ANZ, to get your product delivered in-store.


  • Transfer and dehire pooled pallets after an export shipment
  • Latest electronic tracing/processing systems
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Save money and time compared to manual loading and unloading
  • Quarantine approved
  • Network of depots

Benefits compared to one-way Pallet

  • Direct pallet cost savings compared to one-way pallets or skids
  • Indirect cost savings expected include:
    ·      One-way pallet disposal cost
    ·      Transport for waste removal
    ·      Does not require ISPM or heat treatment costs a standard wooden one-way pallet does
  • The Loscam pallet is an environmentally sustainable option made from recycled timber for multiple trips

Benefits compared to loose-filled container

  • Stuffing and de-stuffing loose-filled containers are labour intensive, use of pallets will reduce this cost.
  • Reduced damage rates

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