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Logistics packaging is the basic facility to ensure SCM optimisation, and pooling equipment plays a crucial role in the value of the supply chain. To Loscam, they are not considered as merely pieces of packaging material, but the cornerstone of any sustainable supply chain. As part of our commitment to environmental and operational sustainability, Loscam pledges to provide high-quality products and services by taking great effort with every detail, including raw material selection, design, manufacturing, utilisation, and repair. At Loscam, every pooling equipment is carefully inspected and maintained to ensure its high quality and environmental reusability.

Resources Selection – Sourced from selected overseas and domestic plantation and manufacturers who act in accordance with the environmental and deforestation regulations.

Design Philosophy – Sturdy structure, repairable and reusable components.

Quality Assurance – Core product components are strengthened and improved with superior technical parameters, and thus are better quality compared to peer products.

Rigorous Quality Control – Every new product is closely checked for material quality, texture and more before issue.

Repair – Every returned equipment is sorted and repaired to ensure it is fit for reuse.

Recycle – Disposed equipment parts are either reused in the repair process or collected for recycling.

Customer Training – Loscam Customer Service Teams conduct on-site training for new customers on proper equipment use and maintenance, including warehouse environments, handling and loading procedures, to minimise product damage and to optimise their use.

Equipment Control Management – As operational environments are growing its complexity, Loscam maintains close communication with customers on equipment control, and shares our experience and recommendations in equipment management to create maximum value.

Quality Certifications – Loscam has achieved various certifications across its 12 operating regions including the DLCS of Australia, SGS UKAS for China and SGS6 UKAS for Thailand. Recognising Loscam's capability in meeting and exceeding the industry benchmark in the area of quality, environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Management.

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