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Loscam continues to invest in system development to assist customers managing equipment movements at their fingertips. From our Loscam Online (LOL) and Loscam Live to mobile app, Loscam continually strives to improve the user experience for our customers.

Loscam Online

Loscam Online is an internet portal system developed exclusively for Loscam customers for effective tracking and reconciliation of all Loscam Hire Equipment movements. Loscam Online is managed by a nominated administrator and can accommodate multiple users with varying security access levels and password protection. Training and support is provided by the Loscam Customer Service Team.

This platform is a safe internet-enabled program that allows Loscam customers to share data. This system can process transactions, IOUs and other documentation 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It facilitates extranet access to customer data including invoices and statements, account balances, transactions, copies of dockets and account analysis graphs and data.

Overview of benefits

  • Equipment Management 
  • Automated Reconciliation
  • Account Information
  • Advanced Reporting

Specification Sheet

ANZ V6 - download here

SEA V5 - download here

Loscam Live

Loscam Live is an innovative portal integrated into Loscam Online that facilitates tracking and management of Loscam pooled assets. Enhancing the customer experience, Track and Trace will provide an opportunity to connect Loscam returnable packaging equipment or Customer owned assets through the IoT 0G network across Australia and New Zealand.

Loscam Live is a new step into the digitalisation of asset Pooling Solutions Service, delivering value by optimising asset tracking.

Overview of benefits

• Real Time and Historical Tracking
• Mitigate and reduce the risk of equipment loss by being able to geographically locate equipment
• Ensure transparent delivery status and conditions of goods
• Ability to easily identify the location of the asset inside or outside your supply chain
• Optimise asset utilisation by identifying bottlenecks in supply chain
• Improve efficiencies with asset management
• Reduce administrative time
• Ideal for high value assets such as G-Paks, Intermediate Bulk Containers and Foldable Bins

Specification Sheet

ANZ Loscam Live - download here

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