Loscam GPAK G1 is ideal for the movement and storage of high-value products, while at the same time they are designed to maximise cubic utilisation of all modes of transport. Their easy-to-assemble one-piece construction maximises productivity in picking operations and allows for maximum vehicle utilisation on the reverse logistics leg.

Benefits of the Loscam GPAK G1 System 

  • 1,150mm (L) x 1,150mm (W) x 1,200mm (H)
  • Switches from folded to upright in 50 seconds, collapses in less than 30 seconds
  • Can be erected by a single person without using tools
  • One-piece foldable units with attached lids 
  • Modular design
  • Ergonomic
  • Barcoding EAN 128 compatible
  • Walk-in door, mitigates leaning over drop gate
  • Increased security, products inside units are not visible
  • Stackable and foldable

Loscam GPAKS (ANZ Users only) are eligible to work with our Track & Trace System, which is connected to the IoT network in Australia and New Zealand, to provide transparency for our customers and better manage high-value assets, to enjoy Real-Time Information about the logistic status.