IBC i8 Australia

The Loscam Foldable Plastic Liquid Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) – I8 has been developed specially for the food industry, including fruit juice, dairy, vegetable oil and much more. The lightweight foldable container features a hygienic and efficient “bag in box” system that is easy to fill, discharge and transport. The half-folding front “drop gate” enables ease of access, while the sight glass provides a clear view of the product. In addition, I8 is extremely cost-effective due to its 2.5 to 1 return ratio.

Loscam IBC Containers (ANZ Users only) are eligible to work with our Track & Trace System, which is connected to the IoT network in Australia and New Zealand, to provide transparency for our customers and better manage high-value assets, to enjoy Real-Time Information about the logistic status.