IBC IDG10 Australia

The Loscam IDG10 is an independently tested reusable IBC for highly viscous products. It has been developed to provide a best in class 1.4 SG bulk handling solution. Like the Loscam I6, the IDG10 is a one piece unit providing the customer advantages in manual handling and gains in transport efficiency, all whilst not compromising in strength. With its unique integrated lid the IDG10 also assists our customers in the handling and tracking of rented units. Smart locking solutions mean the IDG10 panels all lock into themselves (including lid) providing additional strength ensuring maximum stability.

Loscam IBC Containers (ANZ Users only) are eligible to work with our Track & Trace System, which is connected to the IoT network in Australia and New Zealand, to provide transparency for our customers and better manage high-value assets, to enjoy Real-Time Information about the logistic status.