Correction Advice Form

For customers to communicate any transfer corrections required. Form can be downloaded and then emailed to Loscam Customer Service or printed and sent via fax or mail.

Back Dated Transfer Authority Form (BDA)

For transfer dockets or corrections that are over 2 months old, the backdated transfer authority will need to be completed and signed by both the receiving and sending parties. Please forward to Loscam Customer Service for processing.

Issue & Dehire Query Advice Form

A form for customers to communicate any queries regarding Issues / Dehires, including copies of dockets and questions regarding if Dehire / Issue have been processed and when, and other general questions relating to pallet movement. Form can be downloaded and then emailed to customer service or printed and sent via fax or mail.

Equipment Transfer Matrix

This matrix provides information on equipment transfer procedures where the customers listed have special requirements. Loscam cannot be held responsible for any discrepancies / changes to these requirements. For further clarification on a customers equipment transfer procedures, it is advisable to contact the customer direct.

Hire Equipment Reference Manual (HERM)

This reference guide is designed to provide information on operating procedures and account details to facilitate a straightforward approach to the operation of your Loscam account.

Loscam Processing Correction Guidelines

A reference guide for customers detailing the Loscam processing and correction guidelines, including types of corrections.

Customer Service Reference Guide

A reference guide providing customers with Loscam Australia contact details, depot listing, issue and dehire of equipment and ordering pallet transfer books.

Australian T&C of Trade

Loscam Australia Cut-off Calendar 2018

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